My ultimate goal for each and every visitor here to this growing resource is just to gain even an ounce of knowledge in knowing that queer history dates back to those BCE dates you learned in history class and beyond those modern white male-centered cisgender gay pride movements you may have read about. Welcome to Queer Art History.

Casey Hoke, Founder
Casey leans against the right side in a light blue dress shirt and dark trousers. Circles in the colour of a pastel rainbow arch across the banner and underneath it reads: Artist. Speaker. Activist. Casey Hoke.


My name is Baylee Woodley (she/her/hers or they/them/theirs), and I am writing to you as the new curator of Queer Art History. I came across this website doing my Masters research, and was inspired by Casey’s incredible project. Everything from his statements of intent, to his design, to his content resonates with my own goals and my desire to see an accessible educational resource about queer art histories.

I come to this project full of gratitude to Casey’s family for their trust, and full of respect for Casey’s legacy.

Like Casey addresses in his Tedx Talk, I too found validation of my identity in social media instead of mainstream media.

Mainstream media is like mainstream history. It has always been used to validate dominant norms and narratives. When we create our own media, though, we can choose who we are validating. That validation can make a big difference.

Baylee stands at a viewpoint with the ocean and mountains behind her. She is smiling down at her dog, an Australian Shepherd, and wearing bright pink pants.

As queer artists we have a right to this legacy — keep creating, be inspired by queer representation and expression from the past, and let us know what you’re up to!

You are so valid. You are so worthy. You are so fabulous.

Your queer community loves you.

Welcome to Queer Art History.

With love,